Eigene Fertigung, kompetente Beratung, erstklassige Qualität – all das kann Ihnen die TiTEC® Temperaturmesstechnik GmbH bieten.

Aber was genau bedeutet das für Sie als Kunde in der Praxis? Um es auf den Punkt zu bringen: Wir verschaffen Ihnen Vorteile im täglichen Wettbewerb.

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Als Hertseller liegt unsere Stärke auch in kundenspezifischen Ausführungen.

Individual solutions

Each application, each requirement and each customer has specific requirements.

Therefore at us the detailed, individual consultation is always the focus. Based on our now more than 25 years of experience, together we find out what you really need. So we can make the appropriate product exactly as it has been required for the application.

The result is a technically and economically optimal solution that helps to bring in a promising market position.

Our own production

The TiTEC® Temperaturmesstechnik GmbH develops and produces for the entire European market high quality temperature sensors and system components for industrial, laboratory, science and building sevices and all Made in Germany at the locations in Bräunlingen and Donaueschingen .

Whether standard or custom-made, all production processes are carried out at TiTEC® own. This means the highest product quality and benefits in terms of our ability to deliver that value our customers.

Over 25 years Know-how

The experience of TiTEC® accelerates significantly the project process. Because we not only know what we are talking about, but what YOU are talking about.

So we collect in a short time, what you need and how we can implement it as soon as possible. And here, too, our in-house production has a positive effect: Because we produce completely independent of external partners, our customers always benefit from short delivery times. An important advantage over the highly dynamic markets of wordwide trading.

3 year warranty

Our 3 year warranty gives you additional security and confidence.

We use high-quality materials such as high-alloy stainless steels, aluminum, brass, Inconel, Hastelloy, plastics etc.

Our 3 year warranty products are all marked with a special logo within our cataloge.

Calibration service

On request, we can issue certificates such as WKS, ISO and DKD.

WKS certificates (in-house calibration certificate): The calibration is traceable to a national standard and can for example be used for the following applications: Documentation of individual measuring points, in-house sensor documentation, accuracy certificate.

ISO certificate: Meet the requirements of ISO 9000:2000, ISO 10012-1, GMP, CFR, VDA, QS9000, ISO TS 16949, HACCP.

DKD certificate: Suitable for a factory and working standards for example or experts, pharmacy, laboratories.

Labeling Service

On request, we are able to manufacture the products with your company logo or your product ID within the label, also a printing of your logo on anykind of product is possible.