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  • Einschraubfühler mit Halsrohr HTFB3MU von TiTEC Messtechnik
  • Einschraubfühler mit Halsrohr HTFB3_MU-Zeichnung von TiTEC Messtechnik

Our HTFB3 features an interchangable measuring unit and has an application temperature of -50°C … +600°C. The sensor is used to record an accurate measurement of the perceived temperature. The HTFB3 is directly connected to the pipe to be measured with the help of a stainless steel sleeve and a G1/2″ thread. The neckpipe allows for a better heat dissipation. The sensor is equipped with a standardized 0…10 V or 4…20mA output and can be connected to any PLC or DDC.

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