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TiTEC GmbH SW1/2


Device for controlling the flow of liquid media in pipes with a diameter of 1/2″ to 8″. Used as water shortage protection in HVAC systems. The monitor is equipped with a potential free changeover switch responsible for reliably activating an actuator.

Technische Spezifikationen

Switch values:See table
Contacts:Microswitch as single-pole potential-free changeover switch
Switching capacity:16 (8) A, 24 - 250 V AC, at 24 V AC min. 150 mA
Life span:100,000 cycles at nominal capacity
Electrical connection:Screw clamp 1.5 mm2, cable Ø 6...9 mm
Max. pressure:See table
Casing:ABS, white
Cable glands:PG 20 x 1,5 mm
Terminal thread:1" GAS, brass or VA stainless steel
Paddle material:V2A
Dimensions:See drawing
Weight:600 gr
Protection class:IP65
Protection rating:III
Medium temperature:-25 …+120°C
Ambient humidity:10...95% r.h., without condensation
Ambient temperature::-40 …+85°C
Storage temperature:-20 …+60°C
Norms:CE, RoHS


TypeMediumMax. pressureTerminal thread material
SW1normal15 barbrass
SW2aggressive30 barStainless steel

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