Duct sensor for measuring carbon dioxide levels – KACO2/MD

KACO2 sensor reliably detects the concentration of CO2 in the air ducts in the range 0-2000ppm or 0-5000ppm to choose. Measurement results can be displayed via the Modbus. CO2 level measurement is performed by means of NDIR-sensor that works on infrared basis and using a double-beam measuring principle compensates different pollution. Optionally, the sensor can be purchased with an optional module for measuring temperature and humidity.

Duct air quality sensor – KALQ/MD

The sensor is used to determine the quality of the air in ventilation ducts and technical facilities. Measurement results can be displayed via the Modbus. Mentioning the channel sensor of air quality it means VOC/-a detection sensor of the mixed gases. By means of the corresponding algorithm in the device CO2-equivalent is displayed as the smell emission covers CO2 value (see tab.). Continued drifting and ageing of the air quality channel sensor caused by the operation can be eliminated by regular automatic calibration.

Dew point sensor -TPW/MD TPWEXT/MD

The sensor determines relative humidity on pipelines, cooling covers or surfaces. Measurement results can be displayed via the Modbus.

The device has a variable contact, its limit values can be set by means of a potentiometer between 75 and 100% of relative humidity. In the case of the upcoming dewfall sensor sends a signal to a control unit, that, in consequence of this, appropriate active systems will be activated.

Applications of dewpoint sensor are:

-Climatic and ventilation installations;

-Heating equipment;

-Storage rooms;

The sensor of high temperature and humidity – ARFT/R-MD/HT

For measurement of relative humidity and temperature outdoors or areas with high safety requirements. Measuring converter determines the temperature and relative humidity by means of an internal sensor. Measurement results can be displayed via the Modbus. The sensor remains stable for a long time and does not need to be recalibrated.