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  • Anlegetemperaturfühler ANTF1 in der Zeichnung von TiTEC Messtechnik
  • Anlegetemperaturfühler in der Zeichnung von TiTEC Messtechnik




For measuring the temperature on roand surfaces such as pipes. There are two sensor types available. Both are equipped with an aluminum prism and delivered with a tension band, allowing for easy and fast mounting on roand surfaces such as cold and hot water pipes. The
sensors are equipped with a standardized 0…10 V or 4…20mA output and can be connected to any PLC or DDC.

Technische Spezifikationen

Required temperature sensor:Pt1000 class B (2-wire)
Power supply:15-36 V/DC with 4-20 mA
15-36 V/DC, 24 V/AC with 0-10 V
Apparent ohmic resistance:300-1000 Ohm (with 4-20 mA)
Load at analogue output:min. Load resistance 10 kOhm at 0-10 V
Power input with 0...10 V:20 mA
Power input with 4...20 mA:24-44 mA
Accuracy:±0,2K + max. 3 % of final value
Measuring range:24 measuring ranges available
Operating temperature transmitter:-30 °C … +70 °C
Connection:3-wire (2-wire optional with 4-20 mA)
Norms:CE, EMC pursuant to EN61326-1 2006
EMC directive 89/336/EEC
Temperature Sensor
Measuring range:-50 °C … +100 °C
Temperature sensor:Pt1000 class B (2-wire)
Connection:Screw clamps, max 1.5 mm²
Material Anlegeelement:aluminum
Tmax. (housing):+100 °C
Casing:PA6 15% GK, Colour RAL 9010
Housing dimensions:65 x 60 x 38 mm
Protection class:IP65
Mounting equipment (included):Tension band

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