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  • Frostschutzthermostat von TiTEC Messtechnik


TiTEC GmbH FST-0,6


Our FST freeze-protection switch is used for downstream temperature control of water-air heaters in ventilation and air-conditioning system in order to prevent frost damage. The thermostat features a remarkably small differential gap, high reproducability and an automatic reset function.

Technische Spezifikationen

Switching capacity:250 V/AC, 10(6)A; Signal voltage due to the gold-plated connectors
Adjustment range:-10 °C … +15 °C
Factory setting:+5 °C
Differential gap:2 ± 1 K
Reprocudcability:± 0,5 K
Length of cappillary tube:600 m
Mounting position:variable
Electrical connection:up to 2.5 mm² at microswitch
Cable inlet:cable glands M16 x 1.5
Protection class:IP65
Max. Operating temperature:+70 °C
Min. Operating temperature:w + min. 2 °C
Storage temperature:-30 °C … +70 °C

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